Canada is way ahead in the game

In comparison with other types of beers that are made from marijuana oils, this drink has a dry flavor and is composed of 100% cannabis, its effects are the same as those obtained after being smoked and can be perceived almost immediately.

After several attempts, a group of scientists in a small laboratory in Ontario developed the perfect combination for the first cannabis-based beer in the world. It is an alcohol-free and gluten-free drink, with a more “dry and less sweet” taste than we are used to, and it’s made from the stem and roots of cannabis plants.

In June, the two chambers of the Canadian Parliament approved the bill that makes Canada the first G7 country to authorize the recreational use of this drug and the second in the world after Uruguay. Now the Canadian businessmen compete to take a place in what they foresee will be a millionaire market. The groceries are expected to be legal one year later, paving the way for cannabis infused products, ranging from brownies to honey.

Provide Brands is the Toronto company that is behind cannabis beer. The co-founder, Dooma Wendschuh, moved to Toronto in 2016 to create an alternative to alcohol,  taking advantage of the impending legalization of cannabis. He states that “the idea came from thinking that something different could be created that could fulfill the role of alcohol.”

At first, doubts were created around the creation of a beer with this new addition. Wendschuch recognizes that at first he “tasted like rotten broccoli”, but with the help of a chemist he found the right formula between “hops, water, yeast and cannabis” resulting in a non-alcoholic and gluten-free beer.

The objective is to create a product that when consumed is equivalent to a single dose of alcohol. So far, the products they are experimenting within the company, have achieved an average of 6.5 mg of THC in one beer. The final taste is “dry and less sweet than a typical flavor”.

Another of his goals is to build a 50 million dollar facility that will become the first cannabis brewery in the world. The company plans to launch a variety of beers using different flavors and varieties of cannabis, imitating breweries that produce lagers, stouts and ale. Wendschuh recognizes that although it has its own risks, for sure “it will be healthier than a beer with alcohol”.