Add stability to the roll and allows you to enjoy your joint without burning your fingertips..

To roll the perfect joint is an art. The base of most well-spliced ​​joints is the use of a cardboard filter. Not only does it help the rolling process, but it also enhances the smoking experience.

There are many reasons why you should use a filter when you smoke a joint, mainly concerning your health. But in addition, there are other reasons why you should use them. Among them, simplifying the technique of building the joint and maximizing the quality of the joint. The filters help to improve the air flow so that the joint burns more efficiently. Also, eliminating the need for an annoying nozzle clamp is definitely a bonus!

There is no better type of filter or optimal technique for winding filters. Do what works best for you. But there are multiple ways to make filters. Of course, having certain origami skills also helps. Novices usually start with the most basic and easy option for perfecting. The filters are designed to trap particles larger than THC making it that much better to use a filter than not to use it.

You can smoke it all. The filter nozzle creates that necessary space between your lips and the material that is burning. This means that you can smoke all the contents of the joint more easily, without burning your fingers. It also prevents it from dismantling and as a result, it will also help you preserve your valuable marijuana. And last but not least, the filters make the whole experience, especially in a group, more pleasant and more hygienic.

Rolling has never been so easy. Using a cardboard filter gives us a consistent element to shape the joint in the first place. By definition, this will improve the length of the joint. Especially when sharing it with friends, since we will lose less grass in this way, including the material that falls from the ends of the unfiltered joints. In short, filters for joints make rolling up easier.

It also improves the air flow. A solid filter can create good air circulation for the entire joint. It will make it burn better and will facilitate an optimal smoke flow. This undoubtedly makes things easier.

Keeping it clean. It provides a hard edge on which consumers can support the lips and teeth. The joint does not get wet and so there is less saliva exchange.

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